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Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, Moscow: Russian Psychological Society, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2019, 4
Volume 12, Issue 4, 2019.
    • Educational Psychology in Europe
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    • The Wellbeing Toolkit Training Programme: A Useful Resource for Educational Psychology Services?
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    • Adolescent Social Emotional Health, Empathy, and Self-esteem: Preliminary Validation of the Lithuanian Version of the SEHS-S Questionnaire
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    • Well-being and Stress Among Upper Secondary School Pupils in Sweden
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    • Collaborative Game Design with Children with Hemophilia as a Tool for Influencing Opinions about Physical Activity at School
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    • Metaphor as a Basic Mechanism of Art (Painting)
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    • Moral emotions, conscience, and cognitive dissonance
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    • Using Psychosemantic Methods in Political Psychology
    • Psychological aspects of the content strategies of the Russian media
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    • Strategy and methodology for the sociocultural reform of education
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    • The Methodology of Syndrome Analysis within the Paradigm of "Qualitative Research in Clinical Psychology"
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    • Technologies of Virtual Reality in the Context of WorldWide and Russian Psychology: Methodology, Comparison with Traditional Methods, Achievements and Perspectieves
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    • System Anthropological Psychology: Methodological Foundations
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    • Affective-cognitive Differentiation and Integrity as a Dispositional Factor in Personality and Behavioral Disorders
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    • Consciousness as a Central Problem of Modern Psychology
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    • Vygotsky’s Hamlet: the dialectic method and personality psychology
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    • Nonclassical and Postnonclassical epistemology in Lev Vygotsky’s cultural-historical approach to clinical psychology
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    • Person-centered approaches in medicine: clinical tasks, psychological paradigms, and postnonclassic perspective
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    • In search of the “I”: Neuropsychology of lateralized thinking meets Dynamic Causal Modeling
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    • Play and playfulness in early childhood education and care
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Special issue: Ethical issues and challenges in psychological practice and research

This special issue will be devoted to the topic of professional ethics in psychology. The main aim of the issue is to show the wide range of ethical issues and challenges which appear in the work of professional psychologists from different countries. The special issue invites articles that advance knowledge and experience about the application of basic ethical principles in psychological practice, education and research. Ethical problems, practical cases, as well as scholarly reviews, methodological and analytic articles, presenting different approaches in ethical regulations and dealing with ethical dilemma, data from research on ethical issues in different areas of psychology will be included. The issue will be prepared with the support of Board of Ethics of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA).

Deadline for submission is November 15st, 2019

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Online First! Articles from the new issue of "Psychology in Russia: State of the Art", 12(4), 2019

We are glad to announce that 3 articles from the new issue of "Psychology in Russia: State of the Art", 12(4), 2019 were released. You can access the full-text articles here:

New issue of "Psychology in Russia: State of the Art", 12(2), 2019!

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We are glad to inform you that the special issue of the journal "Psychology in Russia: State of the Art" - "Personality Psychology from a contemporary perspective" 12(2), 2019 - was released. You can access the full-text articles here: