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Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, Moscow: Russian Psychological Society, Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2018, 4
Volume 11, Issue 4 2018
    • Information-processing in French Adults Practicing Deception
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    • Developing Secondary Language Identity in the Context of Professional Communication
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    • Understanding of Active and Passive Constructions in 7- to 10-Year-Old Russian-Speaking Children: Reliance on Inflections or Word Order
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    • Metaphor as a Basic Mechanism of Art (Painting) .
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    • Moral emotions, conscience, and cognitive dissonance.
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    • Using Psychosemantic Methods in Political Psychology.
    • Psychological aspects of the content strategies of the Russian media.
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    • Strategy and methodology for the sociocultural reform of education.
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    • Vygotsky’s Hamlet: the dialectic method and personality psychology.
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    • Nonclassical and Postnonclassical epistemology in Lev Vygotsky’s cultural-historical approach to clinical psychology.
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    • Person-centered approaches in medicine: clinical tasks, psychological paradigms, and postnonclassic perspective.
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    • In search of the “I”: Neuropsychology of lateralized thinking meets Dynamic Causal Modeling.
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    • Play and playfulness in early childhood education and care.
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call for papers
Special issue: Educational psychology from a contemporary perspective

The special issue will be devoted to educational psychology - an intensively developing field of psychology in the modern world. The main aim of the issue is to show the wide range of interesting challenges, which educational psychologies from different countries address. The special issue invites articles that advance knowledge and theory about the application of psychology in education. Empirical research, as well as scholarly reviews, methodological and analytic articles, presenting new research approaches and data from the studies of educational psychology, will be included. The issue will be prepared with the support of Standing Committee Psychology in Education of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA).

Deadline for submission is August 1st, 2019

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Reviewers are always welcomed to join our journal

We invite new reviewers to our journal “Psychology in Russia: State of the Art”.

If you have expertise in psychology and behavioral science research, we welcome you in our reviewers’ team. Please, provide us with your CV, preferred field(s) of review, and any comments on convenient terms of contacts to

We do not offer financial compensations but issue annual official reports about reviewers’ impact as well as special page with acknowledgements of reviewers’ work in online and print versions of the journal.

“Psychology in Russia: State of the Art” is indexed in Scopus and Web of Science (Emerging Sources Citation Index). We adhere to practice of double-blind peer-review, and process the manuscripts according to American Psychological Association standards.

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A short interview of the journal "Psychology in Russia: State of the Art" with Dr. Prof. Francisco Pons

Dear colleagues!

We are glad to introduce you a short interview of the journal "Psychology in Russia: State of the Art" with Dr. Prof. Francisco Pons (University of Oslo, Norway). Professor Pons studies emotional development from the Cross-cultural perspective. In the interview he discusses a position of psychology in our globalised world, speaks about close connection between helping people and understanding them, objective research and applied psychological science. He also gives recommendations on how to become a productive psychologist and benefit society.

Call for papers. Special issue of "Psychology in Russia: State of the Art" — "Educational psychology from a contemporary perspective" (№4 2019)

Guest Editor: Dr. Christopher Arnold (UK)

Christopher Arnold, PhD, is an experienced editor of both books and a periodical. He is currently an Editor of the BPS/DECP’s periodical DEBATE. He also published many articles and books in the area of educational psychology.

Guest Editor: Dr. Elinor Schad (Sweden)

Elinor Schad, PhD and specialist in Educational Psychology, is a Senior Lecturer in the department of Psychology, Lund University. She is an author and editor of a popular course book in educational psychology. Dr. Schad also currently serves as the 2nd vice President of the Swedish Psychological Association.

Deadline for submission is August 1st, 2019

Instructions for Authors:

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