Mathematical learning: New perspectives and challenges

Kholodnaya M. A., Gelfman E. G. (2016). Development-focused educational texts as a basis for learners’ intellectual development in studying mathematics (DET technology). Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, 9(3), 24-37.



The article discusses an innovative teaching technology that uses development-focused educational texts (DET Technology) to stimulate school pupils’ intellectual development in grades 5 to 9. It describes the psychological and psychodidactic framework of DET Technology. Development-focused educational texts are distinctive in that they use a framework of academic mathematical knowledge to build up the key components of pupils’ mental experience (cognitive, conceptual, metacognitive, and intentional). Such texts also provide the conditions for the development and usage of students’ personal learning styles. The article outlines the psychodidactic types of development-focused educational texts and the requirements that the psychodidactics proposes for educational texts.

About the authors: Kholodnaya, Marina A.

Received: 02.15.2016

Accepted: 04.01.2016

Themes: Educational psychology; Mathematical learning: New perspectives and challenges


Pages: 24-37

DOI: 10.11621/pir.2016.0302

Keywords: psychodidactics, intellectual development, development-focused educational text, mental experience, DET technology

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