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Cruz, Andreia

Quintino Aires Institute,
Lisbon, Portugal

Publications by Cruz, Andreia

Leones do Couto G., Cruz A. (2014). Playing life away: Videogames and personality structure. Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, 7(3), 146-160.

This study aims to fill a gap in the current research on the personality organization of frequent videogame users. The scientific literature in this area refers only to the existence of risk factors that increase the likelihood of abusing videogames and their negative consequences on the mental health of users (Gentile et al., 2011; Lemmens, Valkenburg, & Peter, 2011; Rehbein & Baier, 2013). In this study, a sample of patients who reported spending an excessive amount of their time playing videogames were recruited from Instituto Quintino Aires–Lisbon/Oporto and took the Rorschach Personality Test (Exner, 1993, 1995). Two other samples—one consisting of patients who reported not playing videogames, and the other of patients who were discharged from the institution after psychotherapy—also took part in the study. The patients in the first sample revealed less exposure to the relational sources of stress that are necessary for socioemotional development and less interest in others than did patients in the other samples. Other results regarding the personality structure of the subjects in the three samples are compared and discussed in light of cultural-historical psychology.

DOI:  10.11621/pir.2014.0313
Pages:  146-160
ThemesMedia and cyber psychology / Personality psychology
Keywords:  clinical psychology, cultural-historical psychology, personality psychology, Rorschach Personality Test, videogames

Available Online: 09.30.2014