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Aksenovskaja, Ludmila N.

Academic rank:  professor

Degree:  doctor in Psychology

Saratov State University

Publications by Aksenovskaja, Ludmila N.

Aksenovskaja L.N., Bazarov T.U. (2011). Managing the Organizational Culture: A Technological Issue. Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, 4, 361-370

Organizational culture presents an interest for research and practice of social psychology. This article is intended to discuss the problem of managing the organizational structure on two levels that contain most topical problems: general methodological level and technological level. Organizational culture is a system with its distinct features that consists of units and sub-systems with their specific features. An organizational-culture system comprises several levels: leader’s personality level (as well as the personality level in general), level of executive team (as well as of a small group in general), level of organization in general (level of a large group).

DOI:  10.11621/pir.2011.0024
Pages:  361-370
ThemesOrganizational psychology / Applied psychology and psychotherapy
Keywords:  organizational culture, social psychology, team, management