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Abramenkova, Vera V.

Abramenkova, Vera V.

Academic rank:  professor

Degree:  doctor in Psychology

Head of laboratory «Social Psychology of Childhood»
Institute of Psycho-Pedagogical Problems of Childhood of the Russian Academy of Education
Moscow, Russia

Publications by Abramenkova, Vera V.

Abramenkova V.V., Minyaev A.S. (2012). Child Safety in School Emergencies. Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, 5, 422-435

The main research objective was to study characteristics of children community`s mutual activities that infl uence the eff ectiveness of implementing security in the children`s community. In the process of training course taught using diff erent programs followed by comparison of the resulted actions in an emergency situation of three school classes (N=527) the following conclusion was made: the class that had an integrated basic safety course and at the same time attended practical classes and psychological trainings, coped with an emergency situation more effectively, quicker and with fewer personal injuries.

DOI:  10.11621/pir.2012.0026
Pages:  422-435
ThemesDevelopmental psychology / Security psychology
Keywords:  school community, emergency situation, interactive activity, simulated emergency situation, coping with the simulated situation by the school community