China’s Mental Health Interventions during the COVID-19 Outbreak

China’s Mental Health Interventions during the COVID-19 Outbreak


Background. The COVID-19 outbreakhas threatened both the physical healthof individualswho contracted the virus, and the mental health of everyone directly or indirectly associated with or concerned about it.

Objective. As telecommunication technologies and online mental health apps become more available and affordable, they allowbehavioral and mental health professionalsto provide quality care by handling problems arising from the COVID-19 outbreakvirtually. The aim of the current article is to summarizethe online psychological assistancesupported by the Chinese governmentduring the epidemic.

Design. Several measures, policies, action plans, and programs that have been underway in China during the COVID-19 outbreak epidemicare listedto provide guidance formental health interventionpractices around the world. 

Results. A total of seven types of mental health services and supports developed in China were listed andintroduced: 1) online psychological assistance;2) online psychological self-assessment and self-help; 3) a “Peace ofMind” self-help counseling camp; 4) a “Peace ofMind” self-help training camp; 5) mental health training and lectures; 6) psychological assistance to Hubei; and 7) collaboration with social workersin“Thousands of Institutions Send Peace ofMind.”Moreover, several areas forthe organization and management of psychological intervention activities in the futurewere identified.

Conclusion. Mental health interventions helped peoplecopewith their mental health concerns duringthe outbreak of COVID-19. They couldfacilitatethe development of Chinese public emergency interventions, and eventually improve the quality and effectiveness of emergency interventions in China. 


Liu, Zh.
CAS Key Laboratory of Mental Health, Institute of Psychology, Beijing, China
An, Yu.
Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China
Wu, K.
CAS Key Laboratory of Mental Health, Institute of Psychology, Beijing, China
Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Received: 07.20.2020

Accepted: 11.22.2020

Themes: COVID-19: psychological challenges


Pages: 183-190

DOI: 10.11621/pir.2020.0412

Keywords: COVID-19; China; mental health; emergency interventions; psychological assistance

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To cite this article: Liu, Z., An, Yu., Wu, K. (2020). China’s Mental Health Interventions during the COVID-19 Outbreak. Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, 13(4), 183-190.

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