Concerning the Vocabulary on Personality in Russian Psychology: “Subjekt” vs. “Personality”

Concerning the Vocabulary on Personality in Russian Psychology: “Subjekt” vs. “Personality”


Background. In the context of the current globalization of culture and civilization, international science has become global. Formation of a global science, able to comprehend the emerging global world, is impossible without the full integration of “local” scientific traditions and systems of social and humanitarian knowledge, which are new to the Western-centered mainstream. This situation challenges “local” psychological schools, and at the same time opens up new perspectives for their development. A prerequisite for integration is overcoming language barriers. For Russian psychology, the language factor is of special significance, because the conceptual apparatus here has formed based on the Russian language, and translating Russian texts into foreign languages requires not only language skills but also hermeneutics in relation to the conceptual apparatus.

Objective. Of special difficulty is the translation of the concept of “субъект” (Subjekt), which is central to the Russian psychological tradition. Like the concept of “Personality,” it relates to the sphere of integral aspects and manifestations of human existence. The question of how these two concepts relate, remains acutely debatable, despite the fact that the Russian scientific community has already spent considerable efforts on the methodological elaboration of each of them. This makes it difficult for scientists to communicate and impedes translating scientific texts. This article concentrates on the problem of translating the concept oi“Subjekt’.’

Conclusion. Difficulties encountered by foreign colleagues are analyzed; the different interpretations of the concept in contemporary Russian psychology are highlighted. A solution to the problem of translation of the concept is proposed.

Authors: Mironenko, I.A.

Received: 01.18.2019

Accepted: 03.04.2019


Pages: 45-57

DOI: 10.11621/pir.2019.0204

Keywords: vocabulary of science; scientific translation; Russian school of psychology; subject; Subjekt: personality; global science; Ananievs theory; Yaroshevsky’s categorical system

To cite this article: Mironenko I.A. (2019). Concerning the Vocabulary on Personality in Russian Psychology: “Subjekt” vs. “Personality”. Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, 12(2), 45-57.

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