Koller S.H. (2017). Making human beings human: A tribute to Bronfenbrenner’s centennial. Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, 10 (4), 4-9.



I was given the honor of making a tribute to Bronfenbrenner during the VI Inter- national Conference “Early Childhood Care and Education” (ECCE 2017) held on May 10-13th, 2017, in Moscow, Russia. I opened countless les on my computer, started texts, and wrote a paragraph or two, but no more. It was a very challenging invitation for many reasons. Bronfenbrenner was a pioneer of translational and positive Psychology and inspired many environmental intervention programs around the world related to family support services, home visits, and education for parent- hood, especially for low-income families and communities.

About the authors: Koller, Silvia H.

Themes: Introduction

PDF: http://psychologyinrussia.com/volumes/pdf/2017_4/psych_4_2017_1.pdf

Pages: 4-9

DOI: 10.11621/pir.2017.0401

Keywords: Early Childhood Care and Education, ECCE 2017, Bronfenbrenner

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