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Krasheninnikov, Eugene E.

Degree:  PhD in Psychology

Associate professor Institute of Psychology, named after L.S.Vygotsky, Russian State University for the Humanities.
Moscow, Russia

Publications by Krasheninnikov, Eugene E.

Nikolay E. Veraksa, Anastasiya K. Belolutskaya, Irina I. Vorobyeva, Eugene E. Krasheninnikov, Elena V. Rachkova, Igor B. Shiyan, Olga A. Shiyan (2013). Structural dialectical approach in psychology: problems and research results. .Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, 6 (2), 65-77

In this article dialectical thinking is regarded as one of the central cognitive processes. Because of this cognitive function we can analyze the development of processes and objects. It also determines the possibilities for the creative transformation of some content and for solving problems.

The article presents a description and the results of experimental studies. This evidence proves that dialectical thinking is a specific line of cognitive development in children and adults. This line can degrade during school time if the educational program follows formal logical principles, or it can become significantly stronger if the pedagogy is based on dialectical methodology.

DOI:  10.11621/pir.2013.0206
Pages:  65-77
ThemesEducational psychology / Theories and approaches
Keywords:  structural-dialectical approach, dialectical thinking, dialectical tasks, strategy of mental handling of oppositions

Available Online: 11.11.2013