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Kozlov, Vladimir V.

Yaroslavl State Demidov University

Publications by Kozlov, Vladimir V.

Kozlov V.V. (2009). Integrative Psychology: the Return to the Subject of Psychology. Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, 2, 239-261

The article analyzes the basic paradigms of psychology and put forward the thesis of the expansion of the subject area of psychology in the course of historical development, and describes the main features of integrative psychology. Highlighted in the article the new paradigm of psychology (transpersonal, communicative, integrative), make it possible to trace a vector of development of modern psychology as a multidimensional communicative environment that has intention to make a perusal of psychic reality.

DOI:  10.11621/pir.2009.0012
Pages:  239-261
ThemesMethodology of psychology
Keywords:  physiological, psychoanalytical, behavioral and existential-humanistic, transpersonal, communicative, integrative paradigm of psychology, subject of psychology.