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Akopyan, Lubov S.

Academic rank:  docent

Degree:  doctor in Psychology

Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities
Samara, Russia

Publications by Akopyan, Lubov S.

Akopyan L.S. (2012). Conceptual Bases of Research of a Verbal and Nonverbal Pattern of Children’s Fears. Psychology in Russia: State of the Art, 5, 446-457

The article presents the results of theoretical and experimental research on emotional states, in particular, on fears that worry young school-aged children. The approach used to study this phenomenon comprises quantitatively-qualitative, frequency-intensive, existential, micro- and macro surrounding, moral and selfregulation dimensions. Substantial characteristics of children’s fears, self-control of young school-aged children, and ways of coping with fears in various conditions of social situations of development are considered. The studied spectrum of emotions young school-aged children experience in everyday situations (at home, at school, during their leisure time) is described. Study on verbal and nonverbal patterns of fears of young school-aged children is presented. The original structural questionnaire developed by the author and the picturesque test composed the research apparatus. In a majority of drawings children tend to “counterbalance” the image of their fear with some additional images containing positive elements (positive plot). This finding confirms the assumption previously made by the author of the immanent nature of self-regulating processes that regulate coping with fear.

DOI:  10.11621/pir.2012.0028
Pages:  446-457
ThemesDevelopmental psychology
Keywords:  emotional states, living conditions of young school-aged children, children’s drawings, fear, depicting fears, the verbal and nonverbal content of fears, methods of coping.